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Senke Nad Balkanom 2017 Hdtv 720p S01 Ep03 [by Exyu Subs]

Senke nad Balkanom 2017 HDTV 720p S01 EP03 [by ExYu Subs]

Senke nad Balkanom (Shadows over the Balkans) is a Serbian crime drama television series that premiered on October 22, 2017 on RTS 1. The series is set in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia between the two world wars and follows the lives of various characters involved in political intrigues, organized crime, and espionage. The series is created by Dragan Bjelogrlić, who also stars as one of the main protagonists, police inspector Andra Tanasijević.


The third episode of the first season, titled "The Black Hand", aired on November 5, 2017. In this episode, Andra and his partner Stanko Pletikosić (Andrija Kuzmanović) investigate the murder of a French journalist who was working on a story about the secret organization known as the Black Hand, which was responsible for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914. Meanwhile, Mustafa Golubić (Gordan Kičić), a communist agent and a friend of Andra, tries to infiltrate the Black Hand and stop their plans to overthrow the Yugoslav government. The episode also features historical figures such as King Alexander I (Miloš Timotijević), Prime Minister Nikola Pašić (Nebojša Glogovac), and Black Hand leader Dragutin Dimitrijević (Vojin Ćetković).

The episode received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, who praised the production values, the acting performances, and the historical accuracy of the series. The episode was watched by more than 2 million viewers in Serbia, making it one of the most popular shows on Serbian television. The episode was also available online with English subtitles provided by ExYu Subs, a group of fans who translate and subtitle various Balkan shows and movies for international audiences. The subtitles can be downloaded from their SoundCloud page.

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